Another Happy Magstor Customer

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Another Happy Magstor Customer

To show that there is promise in this technique of providing feedback via the Internet, here is a review from Merchant Circle. Someone else sold product to Dennis Resnik at Magstor, and didn’t get paid.

It has been two years since he ripped me off, and he is still doing it, taking people’s products, selling them, pocketing the money and not paying the supplier. I have to believe that me and this other business man are not the only people ripped off  by Dennis Resnik.

It also shows how Dennis Resnik will rip you off wherever you are. This is a complaint from Abington, PA.

I am hoping the back-story will come out. What products were sold, and how much was lost? I think it is possible no one except Dennis Resnik knows the scale of his deception, and the money he has made by simply not paying for the goods he has bought.

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