What We Do

Well, we try to make things right. Sure we sell stuff, and we live our lives in the Last Best Place, Montana. But you can’t just simply live in Montana without interacting with what makes the place special. So if your business plan is that there is a sucker born every minute, and you plan to take advantage of that fact just like Dennis Resnik, you won’t last very long and you won’t fit in. But simply letting bad stuff slide is not good enough here. You have to do something about it. So that is why this site exists. It is kind of sad that it exists almost 4 years after the fact, but what can I say, it takes time to learn how to put a website together – thank you WordPress.

So making it right is important, perhaps the most important thing. And making it right is not a passive, intellectual pursuit, it is a doing something positive, it is doing something that makes a difference. We hope that www.dontselltomagstor.com fits the bill. Our goal is that if you Google Dennis Resnik, Google will show you www.dontselltomagstor.com on the first page, high up and staring you in the face. You cannot miss this if you do due diligence on someone you want to deal with. If Dennis Resnik asks you for net terms or even net plus 30, and you don’t know him and decide to Google him, www.dontselltomagstor.com is there, telling you that it would be a big mistake unless you think of Dennis Resnik as a charity and you want to give your equipment or product away.

Getting a fresh start is a good thing. I wish that Dennis Resnik would. But part of a fresh start is making everything right, paying everyone that you owe off. Alternatively, get a fresh start honestly, file bankruptcy and wipe out all your debts that you cannot pay. I don’t know about you, but I have never received a notice from a bankruptcy court telling me that I am a creditor of Magstor and Chapter 13 filing will wipe me out.

Going back to the point of all of this, what we do is, try to make it right. Try to hold the losers and the rip-off artists of the world, Dennis Resnik – Hello, accountable, and to try to stop them ripping off anyone else.