Magstor Corporation – Public Records

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Magstor Corporation – Public Records

Did you know that corporate records are public documents? If we know that Magstor operated in Westlake Village and it was a corporation, we should be able to find out something about it.

Our journey starts here. The California Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) has a search page where you can find out information on businesses and corporations registered in California. If we search for Magstor, we find it, and we find that the corporation is “suspended.”

What does suspended mean? The SOS helpfully provides definitions for the fields in its reports:

  • Suspended or Forfeited:  The business entity’s powers, rights and privileges were suspended or forfeited in California 1) by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to file a return and/or failure to pay taxes, penalties, or interest; and/or 2) by the Secretary of State for failure to file the required Statement of Information and, if applicable, the required Statement by Common Interest Development Association. Information regarding the type of suspension can be obtained by ordering a status report. (emphasis added)

What a surprise! Magstor Corporation is in trouble with the SOS, and one of the possible reasons is that it failed to send the State of California what it owed. Dennis Resnik strikes again, he rips off suppliers, and it looks like he may have ripped off the State of California too. Is there anybody he won’t stiff on a bill?

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