"Don't sell to Dennis Resnik of Magstor in Westlake Village California"

Why? Because you won't get paid, and you will join a long list of rip-offs. Get more information here, or let us know how you were ripped off.

Mission Statement

My hope, my mission is that this site will serve as clearing house for Dennis Resnik’s rip-offs, his modus operandi, his victims, what he takes, when he started, and how long he has done it.

Who We Are

When you come to Montana, you don’t want to leave. But you do have to find a way to pay your way so that you can stay. I choose to start a buying and selling computer parts, first on eBay and then on my site, www.chrosmack.com.

What We Do

Well, we try to make things right. Sure we sell stuff, and we live our lives in the Last Best Place, Montana. But you can’t just simply live in Montana without interacting with what makes the place special.

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