Yet Another Happy Magstor Customer

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Yet Another Happy Magstor Customer

The last time we were combing the web for reports of Dennis Resnik, we found out he had ripped off someone in Abington, PA. Further research finds another review for Magstor and Dennis Resnik on Merchant Circle. This time our unlucky victim is in Newport Beach. He chose to report his experience around the same time as our other Merchant Circle reviewer.

His comment “Google this loser and see how he’s ripped others off tool” validates our approach here. Yes, let us all Google Dennis Resnik. Every past supplier and every prospective supplier. Let us all find our about Dennis Resnik. And lets share.

If Dennis Resnik ripped you off, please leave a comment or use the contact us form so I can learn your story. I want to get it out on the Internet, and indexed by Google, anyone’s story about Dennis Resnik.

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