Mission Statement

My hope, my mission is that this site will serve as clearing house for Dennis Resnik’s rip-offs, his modus operandi, his victims, what he takes, when he started, and how long he has done it.

In addition to cataloging the rip-offs and helping others not to get taken too, this site will explore all that you can find out about Dennis Resnik and Magstor. You never know what you can find if you turn over a few rocks.

In turning over the rocks, we will try to bring light to these dark places. I haveĀ  a sense, a feeling that if someone is willing to do the looking, and does some thinking about what they find, it can help all those past, present and even prevent there being future rip-off victims. For example, did you know that Dennis Resnik is on LinkedIn? He has connections. Can you believe that? Are these people suckers, potential marks? Are they partners in crime? At this point in his life, can you imagine that Dennis Resnik has anyone that will associate with him besides his dog?